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Infantile Scoliosis

by: Kent Pinkerton

Scoliosis that occurs in infants, and is noticeable when the child is aged between 2 months and 3 years, is called Infantile Scoliosis. This disease is characterized by curvature of the spine that often rectifies itself with the passage of time. Infantile Scoliosis is a rare disease, and occurs more commonly in Europe than in the US.

Although there is agreement among medical practitioners that Infantile Scoliosis occurs predominantly in males, some claim that its causes are largely unknown, while others cite a host of reasons for its occurrence. These causes include tumors, injury, infection, birth defects, and nerve and muscle problems. In addition, some researchers claim that nursing the baby at a certain angle may lead to Infantile Scoliosis.

An overwhelming majority of Infantile Scoliosis cases are resolved on their own. Therefore, doctors generally use the method of observation to treat this disease. X-rays of the patient are routinely taken to confirm that the spinal disease is not growing. However, certain spinal curves are more stubborn, and worsen with the child?s growth. Corrective plaster casts can be used to treat such cases till the age of three, after which orthopedic braces can be used. Surgery is used as the last resort in very serious cases.

Doctors treating Infantile Scoliosis know which kinds of spinal curves are going to create problems in the long run, for patients. X-rays help them in determining the nature of the spinal curve.

To conclude, although Infantile Scoliosis generally rectifies itself, some forms of it can cause severe deformity as the child grows older. Therefore, it is very important to find out the nature of the spinal curve, quickly. Parents and pediatricians should work in tandem to control this disease. Parental awareness leading to early medical intervention can help rectify even the most serious cases.

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